The Pešić family

In that part of Serbia where nature exudes its untouchedness and freshness, where almost every Serbian family has its own recipe for making this traditional drink, where everyone is a good host, where the tables are always rich with local food that is widely known, where people still love and respect each other, where they love life and nature... - right there, on the Pešter plateau, a family expanded its coffee roasting and packing business ten years ago, deciding to combine the centuries-old tradition of brandy roasting with new technology m and with a touch of love produces brandy, and in the desire to highlight its identity and quality, the brandy is named - ZLATNA KAP.

Plum brandy, prepečenica, was our first product whose quality was recognized by consumers. Guided by that experience and the desire to expand the palette of flavors, we enriched the offer with brandies made from quince, apricot and apple, investing a lot of time, attention and love in each of them, and in the desire to create a product for which our Distillery will be recognizable, we made a special brandy from wild pear. Later, we decided to enrich some quantities of that brandy with 23-carat gold leaves, and that's how we spontaneously came up with a real gem - wild pear with edible gold, the brandy we are most recognizable for on the market.

Златна кап је прича заснована на традицији, љубави, природи и квалитету.